Waiheke Water
Beautiful water from one of the most stunning places on the planet.
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Our Source

Water’s Water, Right?

Our water source is located 18km offshore from Auckland, New Zealand and is one of the most stunning places on the planet. Regularly voted as one of the top destinations in the world to visit, Waiheke Island is known for pristine, crystal clear water and white sandy beaches.

Our exquisite water is drawn from an aquifer deep below the island, where it is naturally filtered under high pressure through rock and sand, making it very pure and clean tasting.

At over 150 years old, Waiheke Water comes out of the ground naturally alkaline and is bottled at source in our bespoke Waiheke glass bottle.

Waiheke Water is beautiful water. We have a limited supply so every drop is extra special.

Average Water Age: 172 Years
No added minerals.
Not chemically treated. Sterilised using UV light.
Naturally alkaline

Our Products

Waiheke Drinking Ice

Available in: 3kg bag

Drinking Ice From Waiheke Mineral Water

Characteristics: Pure tasting, small, elegantly shaped ice cubes. Light on the palate and silky in texture. Our premium mineral water ice really enhances to your drink. Small and elegantly shaped, the cubes chill your beverage quickly, with minimum melt.

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Waiheke Minerals

Available in: 1 litre, 500ml

Natural Mineral Water, Medium Sparkle

Characteristics: A natural mineral water, gently sparkled. Evenly balanced across the palate, with a medium-dry finish.

Food Matches: Waiheke Minerals is perfectly suited for dishes such as pastas, tomato sauces, cured products, blue cheese and red meats.

All minerals are naturally occurring and are perfectly balanced to complement heavier flavoured foods.

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Ca Calcium 0.58mg/l
Mg Magnesium 0.0016mg/l
K Potassium 0.69mg/l
Na Sodium 67mg/l
Cl Chloride 66mg/l
pH 4.9

Waiheke Sparkle

Available in: 1 litre, 500ml

Lightened Mineral Water, Medium Sparkle

Characteristics: A reduced mineral, sparkling water. Lighter in nature than Waiheke Minerals. Sweet and delicate on the palate, medium bubbles, with a refreshingly clean dry finish.

Food Matches: Waiheke Sparkle is suited for lighter dishes such as fish, chicken, light cheeses and delicate flavours.

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Ca Calcium 0.59mg/l
Mg Magnesium 0.014mg/l
K Potassium <0.05mg/l
Na Sodium 1mg/l
Cl Chloride 0.59mg/l
pH 4.0

Waiheke Still

Available in: 1 litre, 500ml

Lightened Mineral Water, Still Water

Characteristics: A reduced mineral, still water. It is pure, crisp, light on the palate, leaving a silky, dry finish. Served slightly chilled, it is a perfectly balanced table water.

Food Matches: Waiheke Still is suited for all occasions, especially suited to lighter foods.

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Ca Calcium 1.6mg/l
Mg Magnesium 1.5mg/l
K Potassium 0.11mg/l
Na Sodium 3.1mg/l
Cl Chloride 3.6mg/l
pH 7.6

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We’re really passionate about water and we'd love to talk to you about it. We set ourselves very high standards and make only the best products possible. We have a focus on top quality water and never compromise. We are very proud of what we produce and stand behind our products.

We are water purists - we do not add anything to our water or treat it with chemicals. It is naturally sanitised with ultra-violet light, making the most natural water possible. Our plant is chemical free, cleaned with Ozone, keeping it clean and green.

Our sparkling waters are unique and made after hours of testing and development. We balance the naturally occurring minerals from the earth and control the level of carbonation, to highlight and present different characteristics of our water.

Individually bottled, our water is created using a unique method, which is a combination of the water temperature at the point of carbonation, pressure of the carbon dioxide, and process (we don’t use in-line carbonation). Our water is natural, therefore there is some variation in mineral and pH levels.

If you have an enquiry or if you just want to know how amazing it is to live on Waiheke, give us a call or fill in the form below.

Thank you for contacting us. We'll be in touch soon.

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